Presidio – 1 Quart Jug


  • It is highly effective because it moves in plants with systemic and translaminar action.
  • Applied to the soil, quickly moves up the plant’s roots, into its xylem, and through the leaves. It begins fighting disease immediately.
  • Excellent translaminar activity means better protection for each treated leaf.
  • Even with vines, treatment of an immature bud protects the resulting leaf from infection. Presidio is not phloem-mobile; it does not move from a treated leaf to those above and below.
  • For best results, apply Presidio as a preventive before infection or disease development. This helps to manage infections as well as the development of resistance.

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Presidio – 1 Quart Jug

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Presidio works on contact and inside the leaf to stop downy mildew in vegetables and grapes. Presidio also stops Phytophthora diseases, including late blight and Phytophthora root, crown and fruit rots in vegetables. Contains fluopicolide, which has an all-new mode of action. Acylpicolide chemistry in FRAC Group 43. Arms growers with a new mode of action in the battle against downy mildew and Phytophthora diseases.

Presidio delivers both preventive and some curative reach-back action.

  • In the preventive mode, Presidio stops fungal Phytophthora zoospores almost on contact. Just seconds after contact with fluopicolide, the zoospores stop moving. A few minutes later they swell and explode.
  • Presidio also disturbs the germ tube integrity to prevent new infections.
  • In the curative reachback mode, Presidio inhibits disease mycelial growth as well as sporulation.

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