Save the Clocktower!

Does your team need new uniforms?  Would you like to send your members to Europe?  Maybe your town’s clock tower was hit by lightning in 1955? If you need money, fundraising with Hsu Growing Supply is simple and an easy sell.

Some fundraisers offer products that people don’t need or want, but the family feels obligated to buy. Some fundraisers ask people to gamble. We’re not doing either. We’re offering useful products that most homeowners need.

Hsu Growing Supply offers their products at wholesale prices and your team or club can sell them at retail prices. The margin per product is about 30%. This doesn’t sound like much, but people spend hundreds or thousands on their lawns and gardens.

Guy gardener in garden gloves puts the pots with seedlings in the white wooden box on the table and a girl prunes plants in the wonderful nursery-garden on a sunny day.

Setting up this fundraiser depends on your imagination. We have sales forms and tally sheets. You can sell directly to family, friends, and neighbors and we’ll deliver weeks later. Maybe you can workout an arrangement with a garden supply, building supply, or grocery?

Hsu Growing Supply would like your team to reach their goals. Call us at 715-675-5856 or email at [email protected] and include fundraising in the subject line. We would love to hear about your ideas and work out a plan to make your fundraising goals come true.

Want to Begin Fundraising?