Waste Not! We Compost

Drop Off Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 3:00pm

Leaves: Leaves are composted to make Leaf Compost which is sold as a  Hsu Leaf Compost used for amending homeowner’s landscape projects or blended into soils for water retention and increasing soil health in general.

Kitchen Scraps: We can accept for free small quantities any non-meat, dairy, feces, or bone products. Compostables could include all fruit, vegetables and non greasy paper products. This goes into the making of FAV (FAVORITE Compost) This material should be put into the yellow compost bins by the store. Look for our “FOOD COMPOST” area.

Yard waste: Yard waste material is used for mixing with our fruits and vegetables for composting. This compost material is then used in several of our landscape mixes such as our Landscaper or Garden Blend soils.
Wood: $10 per load (of any size excluding stumps) for wood waste. This is then chipped up by a local company and taken off site to be used as bio-fuel. WE DO NOT USE THIS MATERIAL TO MAKE OUR COLORED WOOD CHIPS. This type of recyclable material may contain diseases and insects that could then be spread to our customers yards. We use only clean, kiln dried hardwood material to make our wood mulches.

Tipping Fees: We accept yard waste, brush, trees and shrubs for a fee. NO STUMPS accepted. We recycle this material where possible. Brush, trees and shrubs are ground up by a local company and then sent to be used in a local biomass plant. We use the yard waste material in our composting process.

Other Recycling Options: We encourage recycling of all sorts of material. For those whose local recycler’s don’t accept all material, please bring garden plastics, cardboard boxes, garden and pet food bags, and other plastic bags to our recycling area. PLEASE USE YOUR LOCAL MUNICIPALITIES RECYCLING OPTIONS WHEN POSSIBLE. Look for our “Recycling Area” signs across from the Farm and Garden Store. Please call us to confirm if we can take your items.

We accept fall leaves and Christmas trees after the holidays. These items are accepted for NO CHARGE at our facility. We will recycle these materials in an appropriate fashion.