Residential Food Waste Recycling

Did you know it’s illegal to put leaves and grass in the dumpster? Hsu Growing Supply can help!

Residents can put grass clippings (chemical free), leaves, and food waste into a bin that HGS will collect weekly from May-October and monthly from November-April.

30-40% of garbage consists of organic material that can be diverted.  Our landfill is publicly owned and by diverting organic waste, we can extend the life of our landfill.

Buried organic material (without oxygen) produces methane.  Composted organic material (with oxygen) breaks down producing our Fruit and Vegetable Compost. 

HGS will provide a yellow 35-gallon rolling bin and a 5-gallon bucket with twist off lid to transfer food waste from the kitchen.  Pro tip: line the 5-gallon bucket with paper grocery bags and dump the entire bag with food waste into the 35-gallon yellow bin.     

The cost of the program is $150 a year (and $50 deposit).  No more trips to the yard waste site.  No more guilt about throwing food away.  You can even share a bin with your neighbor.  

Call 715-675-5856 if you have more questions.  Sign up today, don’t delay! 

Food Recycling Sign Up

Food Recycling Sign-Up

Let's divert food waste out of the landfill and turn it into compost that goes directly back into our community.