Ginseng Seed


  • Call to pre-order seed for 2024 season. Shipping April – November while supplies last
  • Hsu Stratified Ginseng Seed will start being shipped late April.  
  • Keep in clean, cool, damp place. DO NOT FREEZE
  • Plant within 7-14 days of arrival
  • There are no returns of Hsu Stratified Ginseng Seed
  • Shipping – Shipped in early in the week and should be delivered by Friday. This is done to ensure materials are not damaged sitting in shipping.
  • If you do not receive your order by Friday of that week, notify us immediately.
  • Limited quantity is available.
  • Call for orders larger than 5#
  • The price doesn`t include the UPS delivery fee. 

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Ginseng Seed

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  • Always buy seed from reputable sources. Supply can be limited.
  • Buy only graded, newly stratified seed.
  • Approx.8,000 -10,000 seeds per pound (Wisconsin seed tends to be bigger)
  • Plant seed in Spring, late summer/early Fall.
  • Harvested from mature high quality plants on our 1000 acre farm in Wausau, WI.
  • Stratified seed means it has seen 45-60 days of protected, cold temperatures initiating germination.
  • Is not carry over stratified seed from last year which can have a lower germination rate.
  • All Hsu Ginseng seed is stratified under strict controls in an indoor facility. It is tested and floated to assure quality.

Call us for pricing on orders of 5# or more and any special offers.

Call 715-675-5856 to order or email [email protected] with your name, address, phone # and seed quantity.

Due to growing conditions, care and the environment, Hsu’s cannot make any guarantees or projections related to germination or viability of ginseng seed or rootlets.

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