Ginseng Chemicals: Fontelis 80oz Jug (20oz/Acre) 352-834

Fontelis® fungicide features a new active ingredient that gives growers superior protection from fungal diseases and excellent crop safety along with application flexibility. Fontelis delivers strong, reliable control of difficult soil-borne and foliar diseases such as white mold, botrytis, powdery mildew, leaf spot and rhizoctonia, as well as a new tool for resistance management. Additionally, it works as well under heavy disease pressure. Fontelis fits easily into many crop management programs because of a single mode of action.

Active Ingredient By Weight
Penthiopyrad 20.4%
Other Ingredients 79.6%
TOTAL 100.0%



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Ginseng Chemicals: Fontelis 80oz Jug (20oz/Acre) 352-834

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Broad-spectrum preventive and curative protection

Fontelis® fungicide delivers fast-acting and long-lasting protection that’s preventive and curative. It’s the power and flexibility fruit, nut, vegetable and peanut growers need to deal with just about anything for higher-quality, higher-yielding crops.


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