Ginseng Chemicals: Endura 6.5LB Bag (4oz/Acre) 7969-197

Endura Fungicide

Approximate use rate: 3-12 ounces per acre. See label for specific use rates.
Other Ingredients:…..30.0%


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Ginseng Chemicals: Endura 6.5LB Bag (4oz/Acre) 7969-197

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Endura fungicide offers growers a unique mode of action with superior control of white mold and foliar diseases, including early blight and suppression of gray mold. It is a preventive fungicide that inhibits new growth of fungal cells while also blocking the energy production in existing cells.  Endura fungicide is an effective and reliable product for the protection and control of a wide variety of diseases, because its site of action is different from strobulirins and most other fungicides. It also works extremely well in fungicide-resistance management rotations.
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