Kocide 3000 – 10lb Bag


  • Active Ingredients By Weight
  • Copper Hydroxide* (CAS No. 20427-59-2) 46.1%
  • Inert Ingredients 53.9%
  • TOTAL 100.0%

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Kocide 3000 – 10lb Bag

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DuPont Kocide 3000 Dry Flowable (copper hydroxide), EPA#352-662, READ THE LABEL. Copper fungicides provide good activity against downy mildew, some activity against powdery mildew (but should not be relied upon for powdery mildew control on susceptible varieties), and only moderate control of black rot, with low risk of disease resistance development. Apply at 0.75-1.75 pounds per acre per application, do not apply more than 66.7 pounds per season. Foliar injury may result on copper sensitive varieties, either test for sensitivity or add 1 to 3 pounds of hydrated lime per pound of product. Slight to severe foliar injury may occur in copper-sensitive varieties, use the lower rate of this product and test for copper sensitivity when treating copper sensitive varieties. Hydrated lime may be added at 1 to 3 pounds per 100 gallons spray solution to decrease the severity of phytotoxicity. Consult University pest management guidelines for varietal sensitivity to copper. Slow drying conditions (cooler humidity) may increase copper sensitivity; apply when foliage is dry and drying conditions are good. 48 hour reentry interval, 0 days to harvest.


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