March Gardening To-Do List: Tips for a Thriving Garden!

Indoor & Holiday Plants:

  • Once your dazzling forced bulbs have finished their show, give them a new spotlight in a sunny window. Treat them like cherished houseguests until they’re ready for their garden debut—or compost pile if they’ve had their time to shine.
  • Keep the springtime tradition alive indoors with Oriental, Asiatic, and Easter lilies. They’ll thrive in a cool, bright spot, bringing a touch of springtime magic into your home.
  • Don’t forget to pamper your indoor beauties by cleaning them monthly and giving them a nutrient boost as the days grow longer and brighter.

Pest Patrol:

  • Keep a watchful eye on your indoor greenery for uninvited guests like whiteflies, fungus gnats, aphids, and mites. Combat these pesky intruders with organic remedies like yellow sticky traps, or insecticidal soap.
  • If leaf spot diseases make an appearance, adjust your watering routine and prune away infected leaves to keep your plants in tip-top shape.
  • Banish salt build-up from your soil with good leaching—no white crusty stuff allowed!


  • Show your outdoor gear some love with a tune-up and blade sharpening for your trusty lawn mower and garden tools.
  • Get the lowdown on your lawn’s needs with a soil test, so you can give it the perfect dose of fertilizer when spring rolls around.
  • Help your northern lawn bounce back from winter with a gentle raking to fluff up the grass and fend off pesky snow mold.
  • Smooth out any vole-run highways and patch up damaged areas for a lush green lawn come springtime.

Trees, Shrubs & Roses:

  • Take a stroll through your landscape and make sure everything’s accessible for maintenance. Time for some strategic planning!
  • Get your pruning game on point by cleaning and sharpening your hand pruners. Ditch any worn-out blades and snip away at damaged branches to keep your trees and shrubs in top form.
  • If your woody wonders need a trim, get snipping before they burst into growth mode. And if you’re eyeing those spring flowers, hold off on pruning until later.
  • Don’t let those pruned branches go to waste—save them for a dazzling indoor display!
  • Spring is the perfect time to shuffle trees and shrubs around your garden for a fresh look. And a little boost of slow-release fertilizer will keep them growing strong.

With these tips in hand, your garden will be in full bloom before you know it!