Sustane complete WDF 8-2-4 1lb Jar

Application rates of Suståne water-dispersible fertilizers should be made based according to the crop’s nutritional needs and tolerance for salt stress. This material should be diluted in water and mixed well prior to application. For best results, add package contents to fresh water in clean containers with mixing as described below (see reverse).

The preparation of a homogenous solution is critical to successful fertigation. It is highly recommended that growers prepare a base concentrate of Sustane’s Flourish WDF in a watering can or bucket of water before dispensing to ensure proper application rate. When diluted correctly, this product can be applied to plants with a watering can. Due to organic compost particulates, Flourish WDF is not compatible with commercial sprayers or fertigation systems.


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Sustane complete WDF 8-2-4 1lb Jar

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Suståne Flourish 8-2-4 WDF is an all-in-one input designed for manual fertigation. Suståne Flourish WDF provides powdered organic nutrients and biostimulants and is well suited for the production of diverse plants, indoors and outdoors.

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