33 Gardening Resolutions 2024

Happy New Year, green thumbs! As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to embark on a garden journey filled with resolutions that not only make your yard bloom but also weave in some fascinating insights and interesting facts about Wisconsin.

Winter Resolutions: Microgreens, Bird Feeders, and Espalier Fun

  1. In the frosty embrace of winter, kickstart your resolutions with the microgreens trend – a scientific powerhouse of nutrients that will have you feeling healthier come spring. 
  2. Hang a bird feeder to create a winter oasis for our feathered friends, a move backed by studies showing the positive impact on local bird populations.
  3. Visit an annual Garden vision 2024 event (SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 2024 7:30AM-3:15PM)
  4. Investigate information about joining a club or a group in your area to become a knowledgeable source for Nature loving society, for example, check Master Gardeners program through Wisconsin Extension.
  5. Buy or build a compost bin to align with Wisconsin’s commitment to sustainable living or check our great variety of bagged or bulk compost, considered to be one of the best on the market.
  6. Invest in an excellent pruner – weapon of the best garden warrior, and your ticket to precision gardening.
  7. Give a nod to Wisconsin’s rich agricultural history:  stop at our store to check out our collection of High Mowing seeds: 100% organic, Non-GMO Certified vegetable, flower, fruit and herb seeds from High mowing seeds company. 

Spring Resolutions: Soil Testing, Seedlings, and Pantone-Inspired Blooms

As spring breathes life into your garden:

  1. Get your soil tested, as it`s a crucial step for informed gardening, with resources, available on our website.
  2. Build a garden bed or two or more, it’s always soooo fun (ask us for blueprints if you need a new idea)
  3. Save on grocery bills by planting your own herbs.
  4. Plant seeds of tomatoes and cucumbers to have healthy seedlings by May.
  5. Plant flowers in Pantone’s colors of the year, rose quartz and serenity blue (Year 2024 is a year of a Dragon), to add a touch of trendy elegance to your garden.
  6. Add a tree or two to your garden (start a little orchard for the next generation).
  7. Switch to organic fertilizers for your lawn, contributing to Wisconsin’s push for eco-friendly practices.
  8. Check our 2024 program of HSU-per kids to get your kids registered for the summer or get registered for adult program with Monkgardens, for this follow the updates of upcoming events on our website.

Summer Resolutions: Rain Barrels, Pollinator Gardens, and Edible Landscaping

  1. Install a rain barrel, a sustainable move celebrated by environmentalists and conservationists alike. 
  2. Plant more flowers for bees and pollinators, aligning with Wisconsin’s efforts to support declining pollinator populations.
  3. Create a rain garden under your downspouts, a practical solution for managing rainwater runoff. 
  4. Plant milkweed for monarch butterflies, contributing to Wisconsin’s conservation efforts for this iconic species.
  5. Eat outside as often as possible.
  6. Show a child how to plant sunflowers.
  7. Support your local growers at farmers’ markets.
  8. Learn to recognize and appreciate a “good” bug.
  9. Experiment with edible landscaping: mix vegetables and flowers together in beds and borders.
  10. Transform a balcony or patio into a container garden.

Fall Resolutions: Berry-Bearing Trees, Allium Bulbs, and Seed Saving

As autumn paints your garden in warm hues:

  1. Grow three new varieties of lettuce, embracing Wisconsin’s love for fresh produce. 
  2. Rethink your lawn, considering alternatives that align with the state’s commitment to sustainable landscaping.
  3. Plant a berry-bearing tree or shrub to feed the birds during Wisconsin’s colder months. 
  4. Add allium bulbs in fall to deter deer, a practical solution rooted in both science and local gardening wisdom.
  5. Share your veggie and flower harvest with the neighbors.
  6. Preserve your vegetable harvest by learning how to can.
  7. Rake and take fallen leaves to HSU Growing Supply for free drop off.
  8. Save seeds from flowers and vegetables to plant next year.

Remember, building your dream garden is a gradual process. Start with a handful of these resolutions each year, and watch your garden flourish. For all your gardening needs, HSU Growing Supply is here to support you: from soil to seeds, we’ve got it all. Check our website or visit the store for a thriving garden in the new year. Happy gardening! 🌿✨