THE MAXBIT 4″ Bulb bit

Construction: Powder coated steel drill bit auger

Hole Size: 4 inch diameter holes

Design: Patented curved angle design pushes out of the hole and around the blade

Compatibility: Use with any 3/8 inch drill of 18 volts or higher

Planting: Excellent for planting potted plants or bulbs of varying sizes

Ease of Use: Easy to use just attach, pull the trigger, and dig

Flat Bottomed Hole: Leaves a flat bottomed hole ready for planting

Time Saver: Allows you to dig more holes in less time

No Trowel Needed: Eliminates the chore of removing excess dirt with a trowel

Extension: Add the 25 inch extension to eliminate squatting and bending when digging holes

Made in the USA: Proudly made in the USA!


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THE MAXBIT 4″ Bulb bit

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The MAXBIT makes planting easy by digging a perfect hole every time and lays the dirt right outside the hole. It eliminates sore muscles, works in most soils, and is a fast and efficient way to dig and plant. (Extension sold separately.)


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