Sustane High Nitrogen 12-0-1 – 3lb Jar


Sustane high nitrogen (12-0-1) WDF is a natural, organic, high nitrogen, water-dispersible fertilizer.  It helps promote rapid and durable greening and plant growth.  It delivers a unique blend of soluble organic nitrogen sources to support plant growth.  It can be used on diverse plants produced in a wide variety of growing systems.

For use on: Hydroponics and greenhouse fertigation programs.

OMRI Listed.

Microsized to provide complete and balanced plant soil builders.

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Sustane High Nitrogen 12-0-1 – 3lb Jar

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  • Sustane high nitrogen (12-0-1) WDF is a water dispersible fertilizer
  • A mix of organic nitrogen sources
  • Increases greening and plant growth
  • Includes additional nutrients to promote efficient
    nitrogen uptake
  • Works well in all types of hydroponic systems
  • Can be used to fortify compost teas
  • Useful as a foliar fertilizer
  • A key component of any fertigation program
  • Mix 1 tablespoon with 1 gallon of water.
  • Apply on foliage or as a soil drench.