Spring Soybean Food Plot Recommendation Bundle


All-in-one bundle for your soybean food plot needs. This bundle provides everything you need for your soybean food plot.

Generation 2 Northern Soybean Blend - 1 acre

  • Experienced land managers consider soybeans to be the best crop to grow in their plots.
  • High quality food source to the deer on your property for the majority of the year.
  • Browsing starts on soybeans as soon as they germinate and continue through the growing season.
  • Once the soybean plants have matured, deer will feed off the soybean grain inside the pods.
  • 3 different soybean varieties
  • Produce a tremendous amount of forage and grain
  • Forage soybeans often die and provide nothing after the first frost.
  • Shatter resistant, meaning the soybean grain will stay within the pods where deer can readily consume it.

10-15-25-4.8S 50 # Bag 1/4 Acre Soybean Yield Maxx

10-15-25-4.8s from Extreme custom food plots 40# bag


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  • Dissolves immediately
  • Reduces soil acidity
  • Non - toxic
  • Dust free
  • Easy to use
  • Non - burning
  • Provides needed calcium and magnesium
  • Size: 40 lb

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Intensity-2.5 Gal Jug

Minimum 20 gal water per acre. 12 oz Clethodim per acre.


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The Spring Soybean Food Plot Recommendation Bundle includes a high-yielding soybean seed blend, specialized fertilizer, pelletized limestone, and herbicide – everything needed for a successful soybean food plot.

Spring Soybean Food Plot Recommendation Bundle



The Spring Soybean Food Plot Recommendation Bundle from Hsu Growing Supply provides everything you need to establish a high-quality soybean food plot for deer and other wildlife. This all-in-one bundle includes:

  • Generation 2 Northern Soybean Blend (1 acre coverage): A blend of three shatter-resistant soybean varieties that produce tremendous forage and grain for an extended browsing season.
  • 10-15-25-4.8S Soybean Yield Maxx Fertilizer (1/4 acre coverage): A specialized fertilizer formulated to maximize soybean yields.
  • Nutralime Pelletized Limestone (40 lb bag): Reduces soil acidity and provides essential calcium and magnesium for optimal plant growth.
  • Intensity Herbicide (2.5 gallon jug): A clethodim-based herbicide for controlling grassy weeds in soybean plots.

With this comprehensive bundle, you can ensure your soybean food plot thrives, providing a high-quality food source for deer throughout the year.