Safe Step Sure Paws Pet friendly Ice melter 8#jugs

Melts ice to -15°F | -26°C

Available in 8 lb. jugs and 20 lb. bags

Gentler on pets’ paws and skin; less harmful to concrete and vegetation

Clears driveways and walkways quickly and efficiently

Designated a “Safer Choice” by the U.S. EPA


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Safe Step Sure Paws Pet friendly Ice melter 8#jugs

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Safe Step SurePaws is a magnesium chloride ice melt designed to melt away snow and ice instantly. SurePaws is a pet-friendly ice melt that effectively melts snow and ice while being non-toxic for your pets, plants, and people. Besides, this pet-safe ice melt won’t irritate paws or skin and has a fast-acting melting power. In addition, the snowmelt contains no salt and is non-corrosive, plus it does not leave any powdery residue. One jug includes 8 lbs of Safe Step SurePaws ice melt salt. Use this ice melt salt that prevents ice from forming on your driveway, sidewalk, steps, and personal property.

 Safety Data Sheet

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