Tilt Fungicide – 1 Gallon jug


  • Broad spectrum fungicide for control of plant diseases
  • Active Ingredient:  Propiconazole*:  41.8%
  • Other Ingredients**: 58.2%
  • Total: 100.0%
  • Tilt is formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) and contains 3.6 lb of propiconazole per gallon.


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Tilt Fungicide – 1 Gallon jug

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Tilt Fungicide

With benefits like quick rainfastness and tank-mix flexibility, Tilt® fungicide is an economical tool that provides full-season disease control on wheat, barley, stone fruits, tree nuts and vegetables. Tilt stops fungal growth before it can sporulate and moves systemically to protect new growth.


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