Ginseng Chemicals:Orondis Ultra 1Gallon Jug (rate8oz/acre) 100-1612

Game-changing performance from oxathiapiprolin at very low active ingredient use rates;

Combines new class of chemistry with proven foliar protection;

Foundation fungicide in spray programs with other modes of action;

Rainfast within 30 minutes after spray residues have dried;

Flexible application methods and demonstrated crop safety;

Excellent preventive and residual control for protection of existing and new growth.


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Ginseng Chemicals:Orondis Ultra 1Gallon Jug (rate8oz/acre) 100-1612

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Orondis Ultra (Premix) Fungicide

Applications of Orondis® Ultra fungicide in leafy, brassica and bulb vegetables, potatoes and other selected crops provides preventive and residual control of downy mildews and other Oomycete diseases. It also features flexible application methods and has a demonstrated crop safety record.


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