Ginseng Chemicals:Aprovia Top 1Gal.Jug 100-1476

Active Ingredients:
Difenoconazole 10.95%
Benzovindiflupyr 7.30%
Other Ingredients: 81.75%
Total: 100.00%


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Ginseng Chemicals:Aprovia Top 1Gal.Jug 100-1476

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Aprovia Top Fungicide is a broad-spectrum product containing two fungicides. Aprovia Top Fungicide is an emulsifi able concentrate (EC). It has preventive and curative properties and is for use for the control of many important plant diseases. Aprovia Top Fungicide is applied as a foliar spray and can be used in block, alternating spray or tank-mix programs with other crop protection products. All applications must be made according to the use directions that follow.


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