Ginseng Chemicals: Revus 1Gal. Jug (8oz/Acre) 100-1254


When applied it binds immediately to the wax layer of the plant surface where it is stable for an extended period of time. Leads to healthy tubers and pulse crop because of reduced disease transmission (e.g. blight). This stability of the surface deposit results in excellent and long-lasting disease control.  Adsorption to the wax layer also protects the active ingredient from being washed off by rain.


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Ginseng Chemicals: Revus 1Gal. Jug (8oz/Acre) 100-1254

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For potato and vegetable growers demanding high standards for control of late blight, Revus assures more reliable foliar protection (even in difficult climatic conditions) and provides them with confidence in protecting a quality, marketable harvest through its unique LOK+FLO action.
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