Bonide Beetle Bagger – Japanese Beetle Trap Kit


  • Beetle Bagger employs a dual action floral/pheromone lure system. This is what ensures our traps are irresistible to the insect.
  • The hourglass-shaped disposable collection bags ensure that the beetles have been securely trapped. Once the bug is in the trap, it’s not escaping.
  • Each kit contains 1 trap, 1 dual-lure, and 2 collection bags.
  • One Japanese Beetle Trap lasts all season and can protect over 5000 square feet during an infestation period.
  • We offer replacements for both our dual-lures and collection bags.

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Bonide Beetle Bagger – Japanese Beetle Trap Kit

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BONIDE Japanese Beetle Trap Kit is a complete kit. Includes 1 trap, 1 dual lure, and 2 collection bags. It attracts Japanese Beetles into a collection bag that traps them securely. It uses a dual floral & pheromone lure to attract the Japanese Beetles.

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