Secures sod, mulch mats, landscape fabric, erosion control blankets and more!

45% more anchoring power than a 6 inch metal staple

Can penetrate the hardest ground!


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A rust-free alternative to metal stakes & much easier to use than wood stakes.

How can plastic landscape stakes be biodegradable? Made from a 100% recycled plastic resin, each stake contains an additive to change the polymer structure of the plastic. So once they start to break down after 24 months, microbes are able to consume this type of plastic making them biodegradable.

Ideal for securing sod, turf, landscape fabric, weed barriers, and erosion control matting, these biodegradable stakes are a versatile and eco-conscious choice. Whether you’re dealing with soft soils or clay, our landscape stakes excel in providing reliable support without rust, setting them apart from traditional metal staples.

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