0-0-60 Potash 50 # Bag 1/4 Acre


50 # Bag covers  1/4 Acre. Great for food plot( RWWP Clover & Chicory )

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0-0-60 Potash 50 # Bag 1/4 Acre

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0-0-60 Potash is an enriched source of the mineral potassium for balanced leaf & root growth for vegetables, herbs, flowers, and ornamentals, helping plants cope with both winter cold & summer heat, great for use in compost.
To ensure healthy and nutritious plant growth, adequate supplies of potash must be maintained in the soil by the judicious use of fertilizers and manures and there are no environmental risks associated with this nutrient. Potash makes a positive contribution to the environment by balancing other nutrients, especially nitrate, to make sure they are taken up and used by plants efficiently.