Get Control Of The Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle - Popillia japonica

There are many products that will control Japanese Beetles. We are listing just a few of them that we carry. Please remember READ AND FOLLOW THE LABEL. The label is the law. These instructions are from the label and are not all inclusive.

Kills A Bug ll RTU (Ready To Use)by Hi Yield Kills adult beetles hit by spray
Kills A Bug ll Granules by Hi Yield Kills adults
Triple Action by Fertilome RTU and Concentrate Kills adult beetles. Reapplication recommended Toxic to bees
Milky Spore by Gabriel Organics Kills beetle grubs in soil Several applications are required, but then are good for years
Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide by HY Yield Japanese beetle grubs
55% Malathon by Hy Yield Japanese beetle adult
Fruit Tree Spray by Fertilome Adult beetles
Grub Free Zone by Hy Yield Grub Larvae
Molt X by BioWorks Kills Adult beetles