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Turn Your Food & Lawn Waste into Nutrient-Rich Compost

Welcome to Hsu Growing Supply, your partner in sustainable lawn care and gardening. We specialize in helping you recycle your food scraps and lawn waste into nutrient-dense compost that will supercharge your soil and help you grow vibrant, healthy plants, vegetables and turf.

Our Food & Lawn Waste Recycling Services

Residential Compost Pickup: We offer convenient weekly pickup of your kitchen scraps and yard waste. We provide sealable bins and pick them up right from your curb.

Order Local (small) Delivery online, in person, or by phone

Compost Delivery: Need compost for your lawn or garden? We can deliver finished, screened compost by the yard, made from locally recycled organic waste.

Order Bulk Delivery in-person or by phone.
Why Compost Food & Lawn Waste?

Compost Your Way to Healthier Soil

At Hsu Growing Supply, we make it easy and convenient to recycle your food and lawn waste into black gold for your soil. Composting is one of the best things you can do for your lawn, garden and the environment.

Contact us today to sign up for service or learn more about the benefits of composting. Together, we can close the loop and create more sustainable lawns and gardens.

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