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Composting FAQ


-Fruit and Vegetable scraps
-Coffee grounds
-Cooked meat
-Pasta, Rice
-Dryer lint
-Human or Pet Hair
-Certified Compostable bags and flatware
-Tea Bags (without staples)
-Cardboard tubes
-Paper napkins
-Flower stems / old flowers
-Fruit seeds and pits
-Cotton balls, Q-tips without plastic
-Pizza boxes
-Baked goods


- Raw/Uncooked Meat
- Plastic of any kind - even if it says      “compostable” or “biodegradable” 
- Produce stickers
- Plastic coated paper products
- Cat or Dog Poop
- Rocks
- Yard debris
- Animal bedding
- Aluminum foil
- Grease or oil
- Charcoal
- Ashes
- Plastic bags of any kind
- Cigarette butts
- Rubber bands, twist ties, or twine
- Toothpicks 
- Dryer sheets
- Glossy paper or cardboard

If you don't have a compost bin at home or yours is full, we accept them at our facility! We have various yellow bins available for dumping small household scraps. If you have a large amount or are a business, contact us for more information!

You can compost cooked meats! Raw or uncooked meats may create unpleasant odors or attract pests.

Composting helps remove food waste from landfills which can help reduce methane emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.