Hsu Germination+


  • Intended for use in organic growing
  • The perfect starter mix filled with micro and macro nutrients
  • Organic seed starter
  • Enhanced with a touch of leaf compost for added microbiology
  • 100% Organic mix for starting strong seedlings
  • Contains OMRI listed slow-release fertilizer
  • Available in 8 quart bags and 3 cubic foot bags

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Hsu Germination+

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Hsu Germination+ is great for potting soil whether they are trays, inserts, pots, or containers.  This soil blend is a combination of Hsu Leaf Compost, Perlite, organic fertilizer, and Yucca making this finely textured blend ideal for seeding or transplanting.  This soil blend is designed for seedlings, cuttings, and can also be used with potted succulents.  It promotes strong root development and healthy plants.  It is a well draining soil with even water retention.

Available in 8 quart bags and 3 cubic foot bags


8 Quart, 3 Cubic Feet

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