Giving Your Christmas A Second Chance

Christmas Bough

Christmas is over, decorations are being stashed away until next year, lights are still up outside because they are frozen in and your tree is empty and ready for it’s next step, but what will that step be? Some cities offer curbside pick up, some have drop off sites, and some don’t offer anything at all. Click on your city to find out more about their tree pick ups – Wausau – Weston – Kronenwetter or call your city office for details.

Have you ever wondered what other options there are for tree disposal or for repurposing? Keep reading for some alternative options to give your tree a new “leaf” on life!

Fire Wood! You can cut the branches off and cut the trunk into shorter pieces to dry over the winter and be used for an outdoor campfire in the spring/summer. If you have a creative knack, you can use some of the branches for making green decorations like wreaths, kissing balls and porch pots!

Outdoor decoration! This is my favorite option. When I was a kid we would take the tree out after New Years day and decorate it outside with bird friendly options like popcorn and berry garland strings, peanut butter birdseed pinecones, fruit slices and homemade suet chunks. The birds loved the snacks and the kids loved seeing the birds enjoy their presents. Then in the spring we would have our first bonfire of the year and would burn the tree after we made sure there were no nests in it. Depending on where you live, you may need to check to see if a permit is required.

Crafts! If the needles are still green and in good condition, you can put the needles in paper or mesh bags to create little air fresheners. The trunk of the tree can be cut into slices (once it’s dry) to make coasters. You’d just need to add a protective layer like varnish or an epoxy. Branches can be made into decorative bundles, wreaths or porch pots.

Donate! Your local zoo, large animal rescue or wildlife center may use trees for animal enrichment. Not all locations participate, so call in advance to see if they accept the trees.