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Hsu Germination+ All purpose seed starting mix

   Hsu Germination+

Tomato plugs

 Hsu Leaf100% Organic mix for starting strong seedlings

Hsu LeafBlended with Hsu Leaf Compost

Hsu Leaf Full of micro and macro nutrients

 Hsu LeafContains OMRI listed slow-release fertilizer

 Hsu LeafAvailable in 3.0 bags and 50 cu ft mega bags


Other seed starting soils availble..

Berger BM2 Seed Starting Soil


Berger OM2 Organic Seed Starting Soil

Custom Soils




Biological Controls



 Be proactive rather than reactive, add one of these OMRI listed products to your soil before planting your new seedlings to potect them from root damaging fungi. 

 Hsu LeafRootShield & RootShield Plus+

                     -Root Disease Control available as a wettable powder or granular

Hsu LeafPlantShield HC          

            -Root & Foliar Disease Control as a wettable powder

Seed Starters


   Hsu Seed Starter Kits

 Hsu LeafPre-filled trays filled with Hsu Organic Germination+ mix provides gardeners with an affordable option for their planting needs                         

Hsu LeafThe shrink wrapped packaging offers retailers a clean product, ready for any display

 Hsu LeafNo need to buy any messy bags of soil with Hsu Seed Starter Kits

 SeedStarterKit Organic 500 2







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