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Recommended Ginseng Books


We recommend the following titles that will supply you with valuable information that a grower can use to increase their chances of growing success.

Don King frnt


Hunting the Elusive Ginseng for Fun and Profit

Don King


An outstanding, to the point booklet explaining American Ginseng in the woods.

35 Pages




JK Koheler frnt


Ginseng and Goldenseal Growers' Handbook


A personal take on his experiences and the history of the ginseng

116 pages




Sustainable Ginseng

Sustainable Ginseng


Great insight into the current world of ginseng and the methods needed to be successful

56 pages



Pritts frnt


How to Find, Grow, and Use North America's Forest Gold


Paul C. Hsu signed edition

Top-selling guide to growing, finding and understanding American ginseng 

176 pages



$19.50+ tax


Check out this great article from Mother Earth News on starting a ginseng farm

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