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Shitake Mushroom Log Workshop

Mar 30th 2020

Workshops start promptly at 6pm

Did you ever want to learn how to grow your own mushrooms? Especially the tasty Shitake mushroom?Join us at Hsu Growing Supply to learn about growing your own mushrooms. We will teach you how to select logs, how to drill the logs, what species of mushrooms will work well for you, and how to fill the logs. This hands on workshop will give you the confidence to go out and create your own mushroom garden. We will also talk about other forms of mushroom growing that can be done right in your own home even in the depth of winter.All supplies and equipment will be provided so that each attendee will take home an inoculated mushroom log with them. You will be making your own inoculated log, so you will have a head start on many years of tasty, edible mushrooms. Workshop fee is $25 per person.

Additional logs will be available for sale that evening for $15 each.