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STA Certification

Why should you specify STA (Seal of Testing Assurance) compost?

  • Specify STA compost because it is a renewable and high quality source of organic matter that is "manufactured", using locally available, recycled organic material
  • Specify STA compost because it will be a consistent and predictable source of organic matter for your current landscape projects AND all future projects - Unlike the diminishing supply and questionable quality of "natural" topsoil.
  • Specify STA compost because STA members are REQUIRED to test their compost on a regular basis and make this data available to their customers – Most generic sources of compost DO NOT provide this information.
  • STA compost is your answer to improving the quality of ALL landscape soil conditions that you encounter.  From sand to heavy clay and the success of your plantings, depends on the quality of soil you have.  Using locally produced STA compost products will improve the quality of your soil and the health of your plants.

How to Use STA Compost

General Soil Conditioning – The most popular and widespread use of compost products is for general soil conditioning prior to planting anything! This includes planting turf, flower and perennial beds or areas of shrubbery. Instead of handling a 6” layer of topsoil, simply apply 2” of STA compost and blend that into about 4” of site soil.

Planter Mixes - Mix about 1/3 STA compost with a variety of other products (commercial potting mix, peat moss, pine bark, sand, etc.) depending on the plants soil needs and the planter location.Individual tree or shrub planting – When general soil conditioning is not required or beyond the scope of a project budget, individual planting holes can be amended by mixing about 1/3 compost with 2/3 existing soil from the planting hole. Make sure to prepare a planting hole that is at least 3 times the diameter of the root ball to allow plenty of room for the plants roots to grow!

Erosion Control on Slopes - STA compost has been proven to be a very effective erosion prevention medium, whether the area is vegetated or not. It can be applied as a compost blanket OR used as a berm at the base of slopes. Specific job site conditions will dictate different application rates, but generally a compost blanket of 2” – 3” and berms ranging in size from 1’ high by 2’ wide, to 2’ high by 4’ wide will be effective. 

*Contact your STA compost supplier for specific product use information for all of the applications listed above. Visit the Unite webiste.

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